"Each time we air the interview featuring Internationally acclaimed artist Ivan Lloyd, the program director of the TV station informs us that the switchboard is flooded with phone calls telling us "It’s the best program we’ve ever aired about the arts." watch interview

Joseph Galata, ‘SNCAT TV’ Reno Nevada

 “Surrounded by his colorful canvases on women, Mr. Lloyd spoke about his career as a painter and his study of art in Africa, India and Europe, at the Global Village multi-ethnic stage show.”

Monica Mendoza, staff writer, ‘Reno Gazette Journal.’

 “More than150 people gathered at the Baha’i Center to meet Ivan Lloyd, an artist from Tucson, who was in Denver to exhibit six magnificent oil paintings depicting early Persian history.”

Steven Rosen, Art Critic, ‘Denver Post.’

"Bold colors and an authenticity born of years of living in Islamic lands. The road to his current artistic endeavor is paved with adventures the likes of which novels are made from."

Karen Hibdon, Staff writer, ‘Simi Valley Enterprise’

"Ivan Lloyd’s Paintings reflect a message of unity and diversity in the multicultural exhibition at the Los Angeles Community Arts Center."

Mary Helen Berg, Staff writer, ‘Los Angeles Times’

"Thank you for letting me use your wonderful paintings on our website. Please add this to a list of your many accreditation’s."

Jason Anderson, Editorial Producer, ‘Chicago Tribune’

"Ivan Lloyd’s work is reminiscent of ‘A Thousand and One Arabian Nights.’ There was a protective hand guiding him through his years of wandering in North Africa and the Middle East."

Jennifer Lemon, Editor, ‘Herald of the South’ (Australia)

"This gifted artist's creations achieve a level of authenticity, cherished by art collectors around the world."

Editorial Review, ‘Arabian Horse World’

"In the forefront of today's aspiring Masters is Ivan Lloyd whose exquisite brushwork and dedication to detail reflect his love of the Arabian horse."

Craig P. Tidy, Art Critic, Oxford, England