"Unfurling the Black Standard"

Written and Illustrated by Ivan Lloyd
Translated into Persian by Dr. Minu Sabet
Published by Images International
(ISBN: 0965796728)

In 1844 a group of devoted young seekers, led by Mullá Husayn, set out from the holy city of Karbilá (near Baghdad) in search of the Promised Qa'im, a Messianic figure, whose coming had been prophesized for more than a thousand years.

Siyyid Kazim in Karbilá

Their search took them to Shiraz, a beautiful city surrounded by lush gardens and freshwater springs, birthplace of Persia's greatest poets.

Here Mullá Husayn met a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad, named Siyyid Ali Muhammad, and acknowledged His station as the Báb (or Gate) to the Promised One of All Ages.


His followers became known as Bábis and they traveled throughout Persia and Iraq proclaiming to the world the breaking away from Islam and the establishment of a new independent Faith.

Thousands of seekers, from all levels of society, pledged their allegiance to the Báb and embraced his message of equality and equanimity.

The religious authorities became alarmed at the popularity of the new faith and proclaimed all believers, in the Báb, as heretics.

Unfurling the Black Standard

This book, illustrated in full color, entitled Mullá Husayn "Unfurling the Black Standard" traces the history of the Twelve Imáms and describes in detail the intricate relationship between the Báb and his early disciples Mullá Husayn and Quddús. The story documents Mullá Husayn's journey to Tehran, Isfahan and Mashhad and transforms the reader to the triumphant battle scenes at the siege, of the fort, at the shrine of Shaykh Tabarsí.

Battle of Ft.Tabarsí

Carefully translated into Persian by Dr Minu Sabet, this collector's edition is beautifully illustrated with historical paintings by Ivan Lloyd. In addition the book contains original calligraphy by Foaad Haghighi illuminating the prayers revealed by the Báb.

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