Ivan Lloyd began his artistic career as a layout artist for a large American Advertising Agency in London during the sixties. He left England to study at Les Ecole de Beaux Art in Paris, and then traveled overland to Greece where he survived by sketching the historical ruins of Athens and Delphi for sale to visiting tourists. He then sailed across the Mediterranean to Egypt and eventually settled in Tangiers, an International city with a thriving Black Market, a colorful history and a reputation as a center for Bohemian culture. There, he studied Islamic Art and Arabic Calligraphy for seven years, under a special provision granted to foreign artists by the Sultan of Morocco, Muhammad V.

Lloyd then traveled overland to India where he studied Art and Eastern Philosophy in Bombay as part of the Maria Montessori teachers training program. He came to America in1972 and lived in San Francisco until he accepted a tenure as the artist-in-residence for The Southern Arizona Light Opera Company where he worked in close collaboration with the original set designers of “The Wizard of Oz” and “My Fair Lady.” As head of a select team of artists he created numerous stage sets for Theaters around the country and for eight years, between seasons, he designed “Haunted Mansions” for charitable organizations in Scottsdale, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

Lloyd draws upon his experiences in the theatre to create original artwork with an authenticy strongly influenced by his romantic exposure to other cultures. His painting style is immediately recognizable and his work adorns the walls of many prestigious homes and private collections around the world and several of his large original oil paintings are on permanent display at the Desert Rose Institute in Eloy Arizona. He has written and illustrated three books on Persian history which have been published in English and translated into Farsi.

Lloyd is a Member of the Equine Art Guild and the Association of Southwestern Authors and in 1997 he was included in the National Registry of Who’s Who in the World of Professional Artists.

He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from St Martin’s College of Art (1967) in London and a Royal Society of Fine Arts Diploma (1964) from the University of London Associated Examining Board.